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Allan Griego is an exceptional professional in the real estate field. Our experience with Allan has been 100% satisfactory based on his knowledge of the Austin market, attention to detail with handling our specific needs, excellent communication skills and accessibility. Allan’s enthusiasm and diligence was present from our first meeting to the successful completion of securing our home.


Allan helped us secure a lease in the Steiner Ranch area. This task would have been impossible without him. We tried for several weeks on our own. He was extremely knowledgable and always willing to go the extra mile. He is extremely responsive and helpful. We will definitely use Allan when we are ready to purchase a home here in the Steiner Ranch Community!


I have bought and sold (and rented) real estate through Allan and his wife. He is an outstanding realtor. He is hardworking, detail oriented, experienced, and a great negotiator. I highly recommend Allan to anyone wanting a great real estate services.


Allan helped us to find the perfect rental house in Steiner Ranch! Allan was very knowledgeable about the area and incredibly diligent about responding to emails and phone calls. I highly recommend Allan to anyone looking to buy, sell or rent a home in Austin!


We contacted Allan to rent a house he was managing the lease for. Unfortunately, this house (although it was great) would not work out due to the timeframe for our move-in date. However, Allan took the time to learn what we were looking for and had another rental house in Steiner which worked out perfectly for our move-in and leasing timeframe. Allan is professional, courteous, fair and helpful. He answered all of our questions, no matter how odd they were.


We were moving to Austin from out of state and had the good fortune to meet up with Allan. We had identifed a property in Steiner Ranch that would be ideal for our situation, but were coming in during a booming rental market. Allan took the time to get to know us and worked hard to present our offer to the owners as the top choice. He represented us well and we are thrilled to be a part of the community now. Allan is very personable and passionate about his work as a real estate professional. Based on our rental experience, we referred our good friends looking to purchase a house to Allan, and he was able to find them a beautiful home at a great price. Whether you are looking to rent or to purchase in the area, I would highly recommend Allan Griego.


Our family was in between buying homes and looking for a short term rental, which is very hard to find in our neighborhood, Steiner Ranch. I reached out to Allan just to “check” and see if he knew of anything available. He didn’t at the time, but always kept looking for our family, even when we weren’t aware! On the day we were out looking at apartments, which would be hard based on the size of our family, Allan called and found a potential place that actually ended up working out for us! He had kept us on his mind and looking for opportunities for over two months and came through! When other Realtors never followed up after the first contact and basically said, “you are out of luck,” Allan came through. Plus, every step was easy, facilitated quickly and was extremely helpful.


Allan and I met a couple of years ago through a mutual friend when I was looking to rent. He was very helpful, but I decided to stay where I was. When I was ready to rent this year I went back to Allan because he had been so helpful previously. Allan provide me with good advice going into the rental process and was there for me to answer any questions. He was a great advocate and very knowledgeable about the area and rental market. He worked with us daily to find a home and helped us to negotiate the terms. Unfortunately my experience with the landlord was taxing, but Allan stepped in and went above and beyond to help where he could. We are now in our home thanks to Allan. Not only is he a great real estate broker, but he is just an all around great person. If you are looking to rent or buy, Allan is definitely the right person for you. I know when we’re ready to purchase we’ll be giving him a call.


I can’t thank Allan enough for the help with our last residential transaction. His knowledge of the area and persistence in securing a place for us to live was above and beyond what we could have asked for. He negotiated us a great deal and we are very grateful for his hard work. He is a highly competent real estate agent and would recommend him to anyone.



I worked with Allan for several years on various transactions.

For nearly a year he worked to find me a specific type of property, only for me to find my situation changed and I had to wait. Nearly 1 year later, not only was he able to pick up where we left off and adjust to fit my new requirements, he did so without being upset about the wasted time in between (due to my fault). His goal was simply to ensure I found the right place and to be happy.

We eventually found a wonderful home that was not yet on market. Allan worked hard to find out where to submit an offer and to have something ready as soon as the home was officially listed. We were able to be the very first offer and secure a foreclosed home below market value. I was very happy!

Several years later I needed Allan to help me find tenants, go through the lease signing, and also later assist with some property management aspects.

His local market knowledge, negotiation skills, and contract experience allowed me to both easily purchase and rent my home.

Since then, he has been able to help me add a lease extension addendum for current tenants as well as advise me on the market for a potential sale in the future. Additionally, I have been seeking investment property (land), and he’s assisted with this.

Allan is responsive, honest, hard working, and one of the most knowledgable realtors I’ve worked with in 4 states- Texas, Washington, Pennsylvania, & New York. I only wish he were liscened everywhere so I could continue to use his services outside of TX.


We came to Austin during the week of thanksgiving to find housing for our relocation in December. We were only in town for a few days and due to the holiday we did not secure a home before we needed to go home. That said, allan understand what we needed and promised to keep looking. True to his word, he found a home for us a few days later and we signed a lease on a home we had not seen. However, Allan went to the home personally to make sure it didn’t have issues that could not been seen by a photo. Relocating across the country to a home sight unseen was way out of our comfort zone. When we arrived to Austin and moved into our home it exceeded our expectations. We greatly appreciated Allan’s honesty and diligence to secure a home for us that would be a great fit for our family.


Allan was helpful, attentive, professional and made the home search process enjoyable! He knew the neighborhood and found us exactly what we were looking for! I would definitely recommend him and use his services again!



Allan Griego was exceptional in helping me locate and buy the perfect house. From our 1st meeting all the way to close he was always ready to help. Not only did he negotiate one of the best prices ever in the neighborhood, he also had the builder furnish it with tons of furniture. I highly recommend Allan!



“Amazing” Allan helped us get through a few things which the Builder tried to overlook. Like replacing a broken countertop, which they tried to repair only. Plus he is friendly and easy to communicate with.



Anyone who has been through the process of relocating can tell you how complex and potentially stressful the processes of both locating and purchasing a home can be.From the beginning of the relocation process, I was using four Realtor’s portals to screen for potential home viewings.  After sorting through these portals, I chose to do business with Mr. Giego for the following reasons: He gave me a “real time” picture of houses in the areas of my interest. In less than a month after moving to Austin I was able to locate, bid and successfully close on a house that is in a goregeous area, has been very well maintained and has many desired ammenities. I would not only recommend Mr. Griego to my family and close friends, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact him again for any future real estate needs.



I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Mr. Griego for his considerable efforts and commitment to selling my house.  I’ve sold four houses in my lifetime and his approach to real estate and professionalism exceeds that of any other realtor I’ve met and worked with.  This sale was not without its challenges and Mr. Griego had a game plan with every issue that presented itself.  He comes highly recommended!


Allan was fantastic for us in the sale of our home!  We were under contract in just 13 days, and Allan was a great source of insight and support for my husband and I throughtout the process in selling our home.  We would definitely recommend him to anyone searching for the right agent!


I told Allan when we first met him that I have hight expectations and the realtors I have used in the past have always fallen way short of those expectations.  This was not the case with Allan.  He is a realtor that stands out from the crowd.  From the very moment we agreed to have him list our house his commitment and service was very evident.  He wasted no time in getting our house on the market with beautiful marketing materials.  He was always available when I needed to reach him and responded quickly.  We had a lot of activivity from the moment we agreed to list our house with him.  In five short days we had a buyer.  If you are looking for a realtor that goes above the job, you won’t go wrong with Allan.



Allan truly goes above and beyond the scope of a realtors’ duties. I’ve worked with many realtors for past 15 years as both landlord and buyer and he is one that really has your best interests at heart.  He is very transparent as well as straightforward and doesn’t simply want to ‘make a sale’ if his client is not 100% confident and satisfied. He works very hard for his clients and his communication exceeds expectations! Who heard of a realtor calling you back at 10pm on a Saturday night??? Allan does! Thanks again for your knowledge and help with my Steiner Ranch home!



This review is a compilation of the efforts of Mr. Allan Griego in facilitating a very demanding and problematic financing & closing attributed to Wells Fargo.  Mr. Griego maintained his professionalism throughout the entire ordeal and succeeded in calming a very tense and argumentative loan closing. The problems are all related to the poor performance of the financing through Wells Fargo. Mr. Griego kept all the players focused on the end result and facilitated a successful closing; without his outstanding efforts … the house sale would have been lost. Mr. Griego also maintained electronic files and contacts that were extremely beneficial when all were in a panic at closing.  In summary, I have assigned a 5 start rating to Mr. Griego’s performance and without hesitation- recommend him to anyone needing a highly competent real estate agent.

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