Think You Should For Sale By Owner?

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Think you should For Sale by Owner? See the image below for some things to note. I would also add that posting a house for sale on the internet is truthfully not very difficult. The difference an exceptional Broker brings to the table is truly understanding all aspects of the selling process from pre-market to post-close. Identifying & anticipating pitfalls before they happen can save time, significantly reduce anxiety related to the process and ultimately protect your real estate investment. Understating and evaluating an offer (and completing a background check on a buyer) is equally important. Knowing when to counter an offer and when to decline. Unsuspecting language within contracts can be lead to lost opportunities in the marketplace. Again, posting a house on the internet can be done with relative ease, it’s the other 99% of the transition where I can be an asset. – Allan Griego, Real Estate Broker

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